Before The Cove!

Ten years before introducing the world to PIRATE COVE, Joe D'Angelo created a comic series called SETON HALL, N.J. - U.S.A. which was loosely based on his real life college roommates at Seton Hall University. The comic was photocopied en masse and distributed around campus, much to the chagrin of the University.

Now, against our better judgement, we offer up the chance for you to check out these early works!

Bear in mind that not every issue was completed (there are no issues 8, 11, or 15) and, being college students, some of the material was (and still is) rude, crude, and completely un-PC. To quote the infamous prostitute Mary Bromm, "Enter at your own risk!"
Currenly Available:
Book Zero: Preview Issue
Book Nine: Vamanos Solamente Muchacho!
Book Twelve: Eric The Axe Murderer

Coming Soon:
Book One
Book Two
Book Three
Book Four
Book Five
Book Six
Book Seven
Book Ten
Book Thirteen
Book Fourteen
Book Sixteen
Book Seventeen

Unedited. Uncut. Unfortunately.

Copyright Joe D'Angelo, 2004. All Rights Reserved.