Pirate Cove!!


Welcome to the world of PIRATE COVE! If the comic on the front page is the first Pirate Cove strip you've ever read, then chances are it's not making much sense to you. Here's why: unlike your average comic strip which presents a gag a day then calls it quits, this comic strip is a serialized storyline. Kind of like a comic book that grows every day.

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To go way back to the very first strip, click HERE. (Please note: the early strips are in black & white, hand-texted, and unrefined art-wise. They're a far cry from what we're presenting nowadays so please don't be shocked when you see 'em!)

PIRATE COVE has been running daily (with a few sick days and a couple weeks of vacation) since September 2001 so there's a lot of story back there in the Archives. Read at your own pace and enjoy! If you have any questions, DROP US A LINE!

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