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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is Death coming back??
A: Death is all around at all times. You should know that by now. As Patrick F. McManus says, "something is always stalking you." But if you are referring to Death / Randy from PIRATE COVE, then your wait will soon be over! Remember: once a year around October, Death returns to challenge Louis for his soul!

Q: Who was Lee the intern talking to when Joe & Safiya ran off to join Larry and Margo on their trip to England? Why do you set these things up so far in advance?
A: To answer this, I must paraphrase the words of the great comedian Billy Connolly: "I have a lot of ideas running around in my head. And every so often one of them jumps up and yells TALK ABOUT ME! TALK ABOUT ME! AND IF YOU DON'T, I'M GONNA GO AWAY!!" That's kinda how my brain works. If I have a potential story idea, I have no qualms about foreshadowing it years in advance. Needless to say, please be patient. We WILL be getting back to Lee and his Master, as well as about 20 other little hints & bits hidden throughout the PIRATE COVE saga. Believe it or not, this is all leading to a very particular end. (Muh ha ha ha ha ha!)

Q: What the hell is THAT supposed to mean?
A: By this, I mean I know how PIRATE COVE ends. I originally had it worked out to be a five-year series. It could go longer. We.ll see. Loose ends always have a way of getting more unraveled. but keep your eyes open for an upcoming storyline entitled "Intermezzo". That.s a big turning point and pretty much the halfway mark of the series.

Q: What does the PIRATE COVE crew do when they aren't working on PIRATE COVE?
A: I assume you are speaking of Joe D'Angelo and John Arscott, the writer/author and webmaster respectively. Joe D'Angelo has a day job at MGM in Hollywood, CA and John works as an actor, and food courier till he can jet off to Osaka, Japan in May.

Q: How can I get some original artwork?
A: While we do not give away (or sell) any of the original artwork for the PIRATE COVE strips, Joe is always happy to do a sketch, time permitting. You can either e-mail him at piratecovecomic@aol.com or find our table at the San Diego Comic Con to meet the PIRATE COVE crew in person!

Q: Have any of the PIRATE COVE characters ever appeared elsewhere?
A: Funny you should ask. (OK, I.m lying. I made this question up. Regardless.) Yes. The character of Joe, as well as the basis for Brian, originated in a comic book series called "SETON HALL, NJ . USA" which was distributed on the campus of Seton Hall University. There were about 12 issues completed. Hopefully, with any luck, one full issue will be available for reading online by the end of the year. Super Colorist Robert Gomez is currently working on the pages and we.re planning a section called "Before The Cove".

Q: Is Larry dead? Will we ever see him again?
A: Well, those are two completely different questions, now aren.t they?

Q: Why would the National Exploration Society leave Larry behind just because he doesn't remember his past? That seems a bit strange to me.
A: Yeah. That DOES seem kinda strange, eh wot?

Q: How does Joe's Jeep keep getting from one side of the country to the other? It always seems to be in Las Vegas when he returns.
A: Um. Er... It has a homing beacon on board? (Hey, I don't have an answer for everything!)

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