We Came, We Saw,
We Gave Stuff Away!
Grace, Joe & Randy watch over the PIRATE COVE table.
700 free comic books.

600 free magnets.

4 days of pure comic-driven insanity!

On Thursday, August 1st, the creators of your favorite comic strip, PIRATE COVE (yeah, that's right: YOUR FAVORITE,) descended upon the San Diego International Comic Con and set themselves up at table X-14 in the Small Press area.

Over the course of the next four days, we gave away every one of those comics and magnets; probably to you!

I'd been to Comic Con before, but never as an Exhibitor and I gotta tell you: it was a BLAST! I'm still recovering from it. Comic Con withdrawal has hit hard. I mean, there I was - surrounded by some of the most talented people in the Comics Industry... surrounded by some of my biggest influences including Phil Foglio, Pete Abrams, Jeff Smith, and Doug Paszkiewicz... and for once I could be more than a drooling fanboy!

Along for the ride were Grace Lyons - the one who demanded I start an online comic strip or be tortured (I've since discovered they are kind of like the same thing) and Randy Carter - the inspiration for the character of 'Randy' and fellow comics enthusiast.

Alas, Webmaster John could not attend as he was at a wedding (not his own) but that's OK as he had a good time getting schnockered and winding up in the gutter with the Bride's mother (another story altogether.)

We were asked "Are these free?" even more once we put the sign up...
Grace working the... uh... crowd.
'Loosely based upon' or 'I'll see you in court?' You decide.
Death was the first to go, followed quickly by Safiya, Joe, and Boris.
Over the course of the previous weekend, Randy and I (with the assistance of my girlfriend, Joy) printed folded and stapled 700 copies of the above 'Preview' comic. It included selected strips from our first three storylines to give readers an idea of what our series is about (personally, I couldn't tell you.)

We also created 9 different refrigerator magnets featuring the characters of Death, Larry, Mr. David, N.M. Love, Safiya, Brian, Patty, Boris, and Joe. Some people were smart enough to NOT place these in their wallet with their magnetic striped credit cards. Others were not. These are probably the same people who placed the magnet on their computer monitor when they got home and wondered why all these horrible things kept happening to them ever since they visited that PIRATE COVE table...

If there were only two highlights from the weekend, they would have to be these: Weird Al Yankovic swinging by the table and telling me he dug the comic (see photo - I swear it's him) and this one time I stepped into the bathroom and found three Stormtroopers at the urinals. That in itself was funny but when I stood at the urinal next to a Scout Trooper, a voice asked me "ever do something just to see if you could get away with it?" Then the Scout Trooper lifted it's mask visor to reveal a female face. Grace says she is going to try that next year.

Overall, I'd say our presence at the convention was a success! I've already gotten a few e-mails from some of you whom I met at the table and I hope to meet even more of you at next year's show! And for those of you who couldn't make the trek to San Diego, I am going to try to make up another 100 or so magnets. I'll let ya know when they are done so you can start asking for them!

Thanks again for encouraging this behaviour!

- Joe!