Pirate Cove!!


Episode I: Farces of Death
Responding to a frantic phone call from his friend Joe, Randy finds himself transformed into Death personified and caught in the middle of an elementary school dodgeball game while trying to carry out his first order of business: collect the soul of Joe's friend, Louis.
Episode II: The Great White WereShark Hunt
Joe and Safiya are shanghaied by Boris and forced to assist him in his hunt for the Great White Shark that made off with his leg so many years ago! but there's more to Boris' story than he's letting on and at the sign of the first full moon, things go from bad to ridiculous for our intrepid couple!
Episode III: The Wrong Arm of the Law
It's a case of inter-dimensional mistaken identity when Joe is abducted by the Cartoon Continuity Commission. But never fear! It's Attorney N.M. Love, Esq. to the rescue! Now if only Joe can get over the fact his Attorney is a 6-foot talking monkey!
Episode IV: Reality Bites
Part One of the DANGER ISLAND Adventure! After washing up on the shore of a deserted island, Joe and a castaway named Larry are recruited to compete in the world's most popular reality TV show: DANGER ISLAND!
Episode V: The Dukes of Haphazard
Part Two of the DANGER ISLAND Adventure! When Coach is abducted, the two DANGER ISLAND teams band together to form a rescue party while Mr. David scrambles to turn the situation to his advantage!
Episode VI: Nice Guys Finish Where...?
Part Three of the DANGER ISLAND Adventure! The lying, cheating, side-switching and back-stabbing hits high gear as the game's final six players compete for the million dollar prize!
Episode VII: Sin City!
Finally returning home after his year-long misadventure, Joe finds himself on the road to Las Vegas with his ex-college roommate, Brian, and a hitch hiker named Patty. When Patty's murderous boyfriend breaks out of prison, it's up to our intrepid trio, a magician, and a 100-foot Jimmy Buffett to stop him!
Episode VIII: Weekend at Patty's
Hoping to find some peace and quiet, Joe, Brian and Patty wind up at Patty's gangster Uncle's home in Las Vegas. It's not long before they find themselves mixed up with the Police, two dead bodies, and the Vegas Mafia!
Episode IX: One Big Happy
Returning to Las Vegas, Joe attempts to settle in to a "normal" lifestyle. But some unexpected stowaway baggage and the re-surfacing of some old friends makes him question exactly what "normal" is!
Episode X: Mobsters Inc.
Take one irate mobster, three would-be hitmen, and one clueless ex-girlfriend. Mix. Stand back. Enjoy.
Episode XI: The Frozen One
Enroute to London, Joe, Safiya, Margo and Larry run afoul of a Floating Freakshow's Captain. Trapped in the cargo hold, Margo relates the tale of her first meeting with Larry...
Episode XII: The Big Fat Bloody Bigfoot Incident
Brian dresses as Bigfoot in an attempt to generate revenue for the Las Vegas Arboretum - a stunt that attracts a most unexpected breed of customer. Meanwhile, Louis decides to become an Evil World-Dominating Super Genius.
Episode XIII: Yo Ho Ho & A Mouthfull Of Seawater
Meanwhile, halfway around the World, Joe & Safiya find themselves creeped out by Boris' downright friendly behaviour. Matters don't improve when the crew is joined by Boris' brain transplant-happy mad scientist buddy, Dr. Uzen Discharge!
Episode XIV: Joe In Blunderland (Or: Through The Looking Ass.)
When a mirror sucks Patty and Brian into another dimension, it's Joe to the accidental rescue! Teamed with a local freelance Ranger, our trio quickly find themselves embroiled in a political game of of a most peculiar nature...
Episode XV: Totally Recalled
Louis finally gets his wish and is off on an adventure all his own when Arnold Schwarzenegger is targeted for Termination by Gray Davis (the ex-governor of California.)
Episode XVI: Intermezzo
Life is back to normal at the Vegas house: hectic with big trouble brewing just around the corner. After inadvertantly agreeing to a double date with Safiya and her hunky boyfriend, Joe races to find himself an impressive girlfriend... but settles for Brian's ex, Janey.
Episode XVII: Reality, Blurred
Due to a contractural obligation, Joe agrees to appear in the Danger Island Reunion Special. Soon, the participants begin dropping like the proverbial Little Indians... but who is behind this massacre? Mr. David? One of the contestants? Perhaps someone - or someTHING - more sinister? (No fair skipping to the end to find out, either!)
Episode XVIII: What Happened In Vegas Stayed In Vegas
Joe finally loses it.
Episode XIX: The Lion Thing
A job hunting-related accident sparks off a chain of events involving a repulsive dog, a bidet, lots of soap, a would-be hunchback, a couple of archaeologists, and Brian in a series of ridiculous outfits. What does this all have to do with a 'Lion Thing?' Beats me.
Episode XX: Caws & Effect
Hoping to finally put the issue of Louis' soul to rest once and for all, Randy shows up a day early to do the deed before anyone has a chance to challenge him. Needless to say, this results in a LOT of property damage.
Episode XX.2: The Hunchbacks of Notre Lame
After Patty gets fired from her lab job, she teams up with an all too willing band of hunchbacked midgets to get revenge on those to blame for her predicament. And somehow, Joe gets roped into the chaos. Just because.
Episode XXI: Crass Reunion
Joe's college buddies have arrived in Las Vegas for a bachelor party! But Patty's plan to get Brian out of jail could kill the wedding before it even begins!
Episode XXII: Deus Ex Machina
Joe and Louis crash their way back through the hallway mirror, intending on re-charging the soul transfer device that got Louis stuck in a dog's body. What they find is a desolate and deserted landscape which hides a hoarde of deadly creatures called The Corocan. So much for Joe's vacation!
Episode XXIII: Runaway Groom
It's a pre-nuptial nightmare when Brian's mother takes an immediate dislike to Patty. Attempting to tick off Mom, Brian jokingly announces his impending marriage, but the groom gets a case of cold feet when the joke suddenly becomes all too real!
Episode XXIV: The Ketchup In The Rye
Set the table for a culinary catastrophe of epic proportions: Brian has decided to become a World-Famous Super Chef! With his assistant (Joe) by his side, Brian competes on Mr. David's new reality cooking show... but will he be able to create anything but a recipe for disaster?
Episode XXV: Someone Else's Story
Just when he thought things couldn't get any worse, Louis faces a life-altering situation: DEATH.
Episode XXVI: Jurassic Shark
Joe thought that waking up in the cargo hold of a ship at sea was the worst possible thing that could happen to him. Then he found out what happens when a whale is bitten by a werewolf. Now he just wants to stop being proven wrong.
Episode XXVII: The Man(iac) Who Came To Dinner
A series of natural disasters convinces Brian that the end of the World is nigh, so he does what any rational person would do: he builds an Ark. Meanwhile, Joe has to pretend to be in love with Janey, lest she sue him over an accident that resulted in Janey breaking her leg. Or did she...?
Episode XXVIII: 'Till Death Do Us Part
It looks like the end of the line for Safiya when her past catches up to her at full throttle. Meanwhile, Louis' attempt to enjoy a night out with Edre is interrupted by an assumed alien invasion, several pints of "Prairie Fire," and a team of midget wrestlers.
Episode XXIX: A Ghost of a Chance
Due to an accident involving the Jeep and a small ditch, Joe, Patty & Brian are forced to spend the night in a California Ghost Town. Unfortunately for them, the Ghost Town isn't quite as deserted as the guide book suggests and history has a funny way of repeating itself over and over and over again...
Episode XXX: The Mafioso Mambo!
What starts off as a simple babysitting job snowballs into a life-threatening situation for Louis, Edre and Randy after several members of the Las Vegas Mafia discover the "ashes" in Joe, Patty and Brian's urns is really iced tea mix. Raspberry flavored.
Episode XXXI: The BiPolar Express
Life in Los Angeles gets off to a rocky start when Joe becomes accidentally engaged, loses his job before he even starts it, and discovers he owes the government a wee bit of money. Brian and Patty, meanwhile, decide to put their relationship to the test by joining an online dating service.
Episode XXXII: The Book of Brian
Joe searches for a roommate, Edre searches for "Koola Sparks," and marauding monsters search for humans to munch on. Just another day at the office...
Episode XXXIII: How I Broke Into Hollywood
It's Halloween and while everyone awaits the arrival of a very special guest, Mr. David assigns Joe with babysitting a World-Famous movie star! Unfortunately for Joe, there's more to this actor than meets the eye and soon Halloween costumes become more than traditional: they become a matter of life... or DEATH!
Episode XXXIV: HYSTERICAL Blindness
A run-in with his grumpy neighbor leaves Brian temporarily blinded, a situation which leads to Joe asking out a girl in the morgue. Much to his surprise, she accepts and they proceed to have the second-worst first date ever in recorded history. Randy, in a last-ditch effort to become Death again, does something very very stupid.
Joe and Biff take their first official vacation together, which can only mean one thing: DUCK!
Episode XXXVI: $1,984
Mr. David organizes a "wholly original" reality show in order to pay off some investors. The catch? He's running it out of Joe's apartment and Joe's going to be a contestant... whether he likes it or not!
Episode XXXVII: Female Trouble
Patty wants help finding her missing boyfriend. Biff wants some alone time with HER boyfriend. Safiya needs a favor. Janey wants to cause mayhem. Ashley wants her bottle. Flo wants to be left alone. That's a lot of females and Joe's got 'em all! Let the games begin!
Episode XXXVIII: 10 1/2 Weeks
Thanks to Randy (sort of) the mystery of Brian's disappearance is solved and it isn't long before Operation: Emancipation Acceleration is underway! It's a mind-boggling adventure through time and space which will leave the residents of Pirate Cove shaken for all eternity! But hey - that's what ya get for messing with time travel!
Episode XXXIX: The Thrill of the Quill
Herman Hout's troubled past is the subject of Joe's new book... if Joe lives long enough to write it, that is! Meanwhile, Randy takes up residence at the Los Angeles Public Library after discovering some of "his people" are already living there.
Episode XL: How I Broke OUT of Hollywood
Joe and Mitzi are heading up the production of Mr. David's new blockbuster motion picture! Problem is, they can't tell anyone because they've got Mr. David chained up in his house. But Joe and Mitzi soon find out that making a movie isn't as easy as it looks... especially when the entire crew walks out on the first day!
Episode XLI: Fillet of Soul
You know you're having a bad day when a cursed 4,000-year old Egyptian King turns up at your door and that's the least of your worries! Randy's plan to un-"attach" himself from Joe leaves two of his friends feeling not quite themselves... with only a short window available to set things right!
Episode XLII: Poppa Squat!
Their triumphant return to Las Vegas gets side-tracked when Patty discovers her long-lost father living in the house she and Brian intended to move in to. It isn't long before they, along with Joe and Biff, end up fending off not only Mr. Maroni, but several irate members of the Vegas mafia and a mysterious assassin known only as "The Bow!"
Episode XLIII: Prophet Margin
After his new novel gets mistakenly placed in the "Religion" section of a chain bookstore, Joe becomes a highly respected religious guru overnight! Never one to let an opportunity slip away, Joe uses his new-found fame to enhance his living situation, his bank account, and his ego - much to the chagrin of his roommates who think the situation is going straight to his head. Brian, meanwhile, carves out a vendetta against a trio of pre-pubescent martial artists, becoming determined to beat them at their own game!
Episode XLIV: For Your Spies Only
How can a good 'ol fashioned road trip to the most boring National Monument on Earth result in a globe-threatening adventure? Simple: it's Joe and Brian taking the road trip. Quicker than you can say "dead secret agent in the bathroom," Joe and Brian find themselves being hunted by two separate governments, a would-be World Famous Super Villain, and a feisty lady spy who's got her eye on Brian!
Episode XLV: Whatever Happened To Edre?
The title says it all in this prelude to the epic IMMORTAL / MORTAL episodes! Will one simple trip to the dentist's unravel the new life Edre has set up for himself?
Episode XLVI: Immortal
Joe, Biff, and Brian find themselves stuck firmly in the middle of an inter-webcomic war between the Cartoon Continuity Commission and a mysterious being who calls himself THE IMMORTAL. Teaming up with a giant praying mantis, a large pink bear, and several stickfigure "Squirts," the trio strike out to unravel the mystery behind The Immortal... if they can manage to out-run the herd of marauding BBQ ribs, that is.
Episode XLVII: Mortal
All the cards are laid on the table in the conclusion to the epic IMMORTAL / MORTAL trilogy! Now that the truth behind The Immortal has been revealed, can even the combined might of the Cartoon Continuity Commission, the Time / Space Continuity Commission, and the Afterlife Administration be enough to stop the PIRATE COVE Universe from melting away like so much soft cheese left out in the sunlight?
Episode XLVIII: G.P.Y. and the Master Beta Caper
Patty gets on Brian's case about him not having a job, so he decides to start buying and selling storage locker auctions. I could tell you what happens when he discovers a box of old Betamax tapes in his locker, but chances are you wouldn't believe me.
Episode XLIX: Supersized Me
Brian decides to help Patty lose some weight. Whether she likes it or not. And she doesn't. Shocker.
Episode L: Snakes on a Dame
Inspired by Mike's desire to visit home, the whole gang sets off on a cross-country adventure. First stop? Biff's mom's place. First shocking revelation? Biff's mom.
Episode LI: Bother of the Bride
While on the road to New Jersey, Brian relates the tale of Joe's first wedding, proving once and for all that Joe has been stalked by bad luck for a very VERY long time.
Episode LII: And then this happened...
The gang pulls into a quiet roadside motel for a pleasant night's sleep which, to nobody's surprise, doesn't happen.
Episode LIII: Mike's Murder
Mike's happy homecoming is marred by the revelation that his father is a notorious mobster, his step-mother has the hots for Joe, and Mike is expected to perform some "family business" while being tracked by the cameras of a reality show.
Episode LIV: It's All Relative
The second-to-last stop on the epic road trip leads to a side excursion when Joe's parents reveal a secret they've been hiding since the day he was born.
Episode LV: Night of the Living Dad
The gang arrives at Brian's childhood home and are surprised to discover the household engaged in funeral arangements for Brian's father. Apparently, no one told Brian his father had died. Then again, it appears no one bothered to tell Brian's father, either...
Comic Con 2004 Special: ROAD TRIP!
Joe, Brian, and Larry undertake the ominous mission of disposing Uncle Gus' body in this 8-page short story from the San Diego Comic Con 2004 giveaway book. For anyone keeping track, this story takes place between daily strips 10-26-02 and 10-27-02.
Comic Con 2005 & 2006 Specials: Comic ConJob!
Joe and Brian take on Comic Con in these two stories from the San Diego Comic Con 2005 and 2006 books. If you're still keeping track, these stories take place between Episodes 27 and 28.
Comic ConJob 3!
No longer having corporate sponsors proves difficult for Joe, Brian, and Patty as they are forced to slum it up in the 'Small Press' area of Comic Con in this story which takes place between Episodes 33 and 34.
Comic ConJob 4: ZombieCon!
While vacationing in San Diego, Joe and Biff decide to take in the spectacle that is the San Diego Comic Con and Brian decides to finance his future by selling his landlord's suitcase full of old comic books. No sooner than you can say "cheese flavored Snapple", all heck breaks loose as a herd of flesh-eating begins marauding through the convention center. But it's all just a publicity stunt, right?

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